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Rig bag pro

Rig bag pro

Mast & sailbag

- PVC coated 600D polyester

- Six padded compartments for separating masts
- Air ventilation patch
- 4-6 sails, 3 masts
- Heavy duty zippers
- 'Easy to stuff' zipper construction
- Rack strap openings
- Carry strap
- Front and back carry straps

- Weight: 3.6 kilo


Rig bag pro


2.60 X 0.40 X 0.40 MTR

Air ventilation patch

The ventilation patch improves the environment in the boardbag by increasing the breathability of the boardbag. If you are traveling straight from the beach, good ventilation helps to keep your gear in good condition.

Packing guide

This mast & sailbag can have 4 to 6 windsurf sails (up to 6m²), 4 or 5 windsurf masts (2 piece), 1 or 2 windsurf booms and 4 different accessories, such as wetsuits and harnesses.

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